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What is Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Are you looking for an effective tool to increase traffic to your site? In this article, we'll tell you about Google Search Console, how it is used, and how it helps you achieve your online strategic plan.

What is "Google Search Console"?


It is a service that gives you a detailed view of your website's performance in Google search results and this service has two main functions, which are to monitor your performance in Google search results, and to help you understand how Google treats your website.

For example, let's say your cafe website needs some updating. Let's look at some of the ways Search Console can help you.

One of these methods is the Search Analytics reports that help you get important information such as what kind of searches drive users to visit your site.

It notifies you every time someone clicks on your links, it also shows you other websites that have links to your site.


What is the importance of Google Search Console?


Well, the Search Analytics report shows a lot of stats, including the searches that get users the most to visit your site.

These searches should include words and phrases relevant to your business, such as: 'friends' cafe, cafe near me, sweets shop in Dubai, or Arabic cafe near me'.

If the report includes words or phrases that are not relevant to your business, then the text on your website needs to be changed.

The number of clicks must also be reviewed to see how many times your site appeared on the search results pages and no one clicked on it. If this indicates anything, it indicates that the content does not match what users are looking for.

We also find the "Links to your site" report, which is a report that shows which websites have links to your site, and these sites can be considered "referrals", so the list should include coffee-related sites.

Considering the growing use of the Internet on mobile devices, it can be said that reviewing the Mobile Usability Report is a must when using Search Console, because this report detects the pages on your site that do not work well on mobile devices; Giving you the opportunity to fix them and thus improve the performance of your site on mobile devices.


Crawl and indexing reports


Also, let's talk about two other features of Search Console, which are the “Crawling” reports and the “Google Index” reports.

The Crawl reports enable you to monitor whether Google has accessed your web pages. This is very important because if Google is not able to access your website pages, your content will not be included in Google's search results.

Google Index reports show what information Google maintains about your site, and tell you whether your site's pages are easily accessible.

Google Search Console Registration


It's easy to get started with Search Console, just sign in at, add your website and complete the verification process.

This way, Search Console can now generate reports for your site for free. This process may take a few days to collect and process the data and then display the results and statistics. If the message “No data yet” appears, try again later.

You are now able to use reports to learn how to improve your presence on Google and make the necessary changes to help Google better engage with your web pages and thus improve your site's overall performance.

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