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What are Free Search Results

Free Search Results

Hello, Are you ready to dive into the world of “free search”? In this article, we will explain about the free search results that are not paid and we will discover together the concept of search engine optimization, and the impact of good website content on organic search results.

Explanation of free search results


Well let's start! Going back to your coffee shop, let's say you just started serving the traditional Arabic cheese kunafa dish inspired by an old family recipe.

There is no doubt that many people in your city crave this authentic Arabic dish, and perhaps someone is looking at this moment for a place that serves this dish.

So how do you help him find you? When someone searches for a specific piece of information using a search engine, a results page appears containing a list of free and unpaid results.

These results are generally in the center of the page, and are the results that the search engine has determined correspond to the search query or the words you entered in the search query.

Results pages also display ads or paid results, but in a separate area from the free results and are marked with a special tag.

It is true that free search results and ads appear on the same page, but they differ in a key point, which is that the free search results appear on the pages without any material cost, as websites do not pay any money for appearing on the results pages, unlike paid ads and results.


How can you improve the chances of your website appearing in unpaid results?


The key is quality. Think this way: The primary goal of search engines is to help users find what they are looking for, so you only need to help the search engine rank your site among the results that users are looking for.

Making improvements to your website to ensure it appears in free search results is called “search engine optimization,” or SEO.

A search engine optimization helps the engine to find and understand your site. So, search engines always look for good and relevant content. So you need to think about exactly what your potential customers might be looking for?

If they wanted to eat "knafeh", they would use that word in their query, but this is a broad search and could also mean that the user is looking for a recipe, a picture, or even a history of that kind of dessert.

How good website content affects organic search results


Therefore, it is better to focus on appearing in more detailed search results, for example, the traditional cheese konafa in your city. It's all set up in a coffee shop, and it's available in-store or delivered to certain areas.

This should help your site appear in search results for “cheese kunafa cafe”, or other related searches such as “best cheese kunafa in Dubai” or “cheese kunafa home delivery”.

Showing up in these unpaid results is a great opportunity to help customers find you, and it doesn't cost you a penny, all you have to do is make sure that your content matches the requirements of searchers and will prompt them to click the link to visit your website.

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