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75 Excel Shortcuts For PC and Mac

Excel Shortcuts

Excel Shortcuts For PC and Mac is very important for you and your business, whether you run an organization or work for an organization that uses Excel

For that, in this article we have compiled various important shortcuts for you as follows:

  • The importance of excel shortcuts
  • Excel general shortcuts
  • Excel navigation shortcuts
  • Excel format Shortcuts
  • Excel shortcuts for selecting rows and columns

The importance of excel shortcuts


Microsoft Excel is a powerful data visualization and analysis program that uses spreadsheets to store, organize, and keep track of data sets using formulas and functions.

Excel is used by marketers, accountants, data analysts, and other specialists. 

Many users use Microsoft Excel every day, whether it is to create a chart, analyze data, or run a report to present at the next team meeting.

Generating such reports in Excel takes a long enough time. How can we spend less time navigating, formatting, choosing, and entering formulas for our data? Wouldn't it be great if there were keyboard shortcuts that could help us do our work faster?

All of these shortcuts can be accessed on PCs and Macs, so we've included both types below where possible.


For Mac users: To access the F keys (F1 - F12), you must hold down the Fn key before pressing any F key—unless you have enabled these keys as standard function keys.


Excel general shortcuts

Here are some of the time-saving and premium shortcuts to manage the size of your Excel worksheet:

These shortcuts can help you in general and basically while using Excel.



Move to end of text in cell

Alt + Shift + F1

Insert new worksheet

Ctrl + Shift + ($)

Apply currency format to numbers

Ctrl + Shift + (!)

Apply number format with 2 decimal places

Alt + Enter

Add line break in cell

Shift + Space bar

Selects row

Ctrl + (-)

Delete cell deletion (Check Follow)

Ctrl + (-) + L

Shifts cells left

Ctrl + (-) + U

Shift cells up

Alt + W + F

Freeze panes (Check Follow)

Alt + W + F + R

Freeze top row

Alt + W + F + C

Freeze first column

Alt + W + F + F

Freeze a certain number of rows. Also Unfreeze. (If Freeze has been

Alt + H + B

Add border. Options

Alt + H + B + O

Bottom border

Alt + H + B + A

All borders

Alt + H + B + N

No border

Alt + H + B + S

Outside borders

Alt + H + B + H

Thick bottom border

Alt + H + B + B

Double bottom border

Ctrl + Space bar

Selects column

Alt + ( =) 

Auto-sum numbers

Ctrl + (‘)

Copy formula from above

Ctrl + 9

Hides row

Ctrl + 0

Hides column

Ctrl + Shift + 9

Unhides row

Ctrl + Shift + 0

Unhides column

Alt + H + D + R

Delete row

Alt + H + D + C

Delete column

Ctrl + Shift + (+)

Insert. Options (Check Follow)

Ctrl + Shift + “ + ” + I

Shifts cells right to insert cell

Ctrl + Shift + “ + ” + D

Shift cells down to insert cell

Ctrl + Shift + (+) + R

Inserts entire row

Ctrl + Shift + (+) + C

Inserts entire column

Ctrl + Shift + (%)

Apply percentage format to numbers


Recalculate all workbooks

Alt + H + H

Choose fill color


Excel navigation shortcuts

These simple shortcuts can help you navigate workbooks, sheets, rows, and columns:

Jump to the top of a columnCTRL + ↑Command + ↓
Jump to the corner of a selectionCTRL + .CTRL + .
Close the active workbook windowCTRL + wCommand + W
Switch to previous workbook windowCTRL + Shift + F6Command + Shift + F6
Switch to the next open worksheetNone
CTRL + Tab
Start a new chart sheetF11F11
Insert a new sheetShift + F11Shift + F11
Repeat the last actionCTRL + YCommand + Y
Fill selected cell with the content in the cell above selected cellCTRL + DCTRL + D
Fill selected cell with the content in the cell to the left of selected cellCTRL + RCTRL + R
Move up through a selectionShift + EnterShift + Enter

Excel format Shortcuts

Here are a few shortcuts that to help you easily format your cells:

Show all values as currencyCTRL + Shift + $CTRL + Shift + $
Show all values as percentagesCTRL + Shift + %CTRL + Shift + %
Show all values in general number formatCTRL + Shift + ~CTRL + Shift + ~
Apply or remove bold formatting to selected cellsCTRL + 2Command + B
Apply or remove italic formatting to selected cellsCTRL + 3Command + i
Hide selected rowsCTRL + 9CTRL + 9
Unhide selected rowsCTRL + Shift + (CTRL + Shift + (
Hide selected columnsCTRL + 0CTRL + 0
Unhide selected columnsCTRL + Shift + )CTRL + Shift + )
Insert current dateCTRL + ;CTRL + ;
Insert current timeCTRL + Shift + :Command + ;
Insert a hyperlinkCTRL + kCommand + k
Apply an outline border to selected cellsCTRL + Shift + &Command + Option + 0


The Excel strikethrough shortcut will strike a line through the middle of the value or text in a highlighted cell.

To strike a line through a cell, highlight the cell and press CTRL + 5 on your keyboard.

To find and replace values  CTRL + F (PC) And Command + F (Mac)


Excel shortcuts for selecting rows and columns

Save yourself manual drag and pick rows and columns with these handy keyboard tricks:

Expand the selection by one cell either upward (↑) or downward (↓)Shift + ↑ [or] Shift + ↓Shift + ↑ [or] Shift + ↓
Expand the selection to the last non-empty cellCTRL + Shift + Arrow KeyCommand + Shift + Arrow Key
Select entire columnCTRL + spacebarCTRL + spacebar
Select entire rowShift + spacebarShift + spacebar
Select entire sheetCTRL + ACommand + A
Select only the visible cells in the current selectionAlt + ; Command + Shift + z


The insert row shortcut in Excel will create a new row below a highlighted cell. To insert a new row, highlight a cell or entire row and press CTRL + Shift + + on your keyword, literally pressing the plus sign after Shift.

This will open a small window of options where you can insert a new row or column.

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