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35 English Delivery Expressions

Delivery Expressions

Do you use Amazon a lot, or go out shopping? Are you finding it difficult to find the right phrase to use in your business letters and emails?

In today's lesson, we'll talk about deliveries, and you'll learn how to talk about them in your conversations.

  1. All your needs in minutes.
  2. Always on time.
  3. Bringing dinner to your door.
  4. Bringing the things you need home.
  5. Couriers in a hurrier.
  6. elivery will take three weeks.
  7. Errand you glad you called?
  8. Everywhere you need us to be.
  9. Express goods.
  10. Fast service is our specialty.
  11. Fast, friendly, convenient.
  12. For when you don’t want to put pants on.
  13. For your anti-social days.
  14. Four wheels, endless possibilities.
  15. From bags to boxes.
  16. Getting your groceries, bringing your morning coffee, and everything in between.
  17. In a flash!
  18. In one piece or it’s on me.
  19. Let us be your shopping cart.
  20. On the go to get it to you.
  21. Order no. 2113 will be ready for delivery as from 24th August 20.
  22. Please note the address of our office.
  23. Rain or shine, your order on time.
  24. Skip the store.
  25. Some like it hot.
  26. Something smells good in this bag.
  27. The documentation requested has been sent to you by registered post/by messenger/by courier.
  28. The items are in stock and should be ready for dispatch by next Wednesday.
  29. Transporting your precious cargo.
  30. We are afraid to tell you that we are unable to deliver your order.
  31. We will dispatch the goods on Tuesday by air freight.
  32. We’ll carry your bags.
  33. What you order is what you get.
  34. Who needs a boyfriend when you’ve got us? 
  35. You stay home while we haul.
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