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Differences Between General and Business English Courses

Differences Between General English & Business English Courses

There are actually some differences between General English courses and Business English courses, in terms of level requirements, content and usage.


General English courses and business English courses


1. The difference in level requirements

Regarding the levels, general English is available in all levels, from A1 to C1.4. Business English, however, is available for intermediate learners, at B1+.


2. Differences in content

Business English courses focus on the language of the economy, the workplace, and your career. 

Some examples of Business English lessons are 'Speaking in a Meeting', 'Negotiating', 'Talking on the Phone' and much more. 

General English courses cover all areas of English, for all situations, without a major in any field. Both courses focus on communication, giving you real practice of the English language. Both will develop speaking, listening, grammar and reading skills. 


3. Which one do you need?

If you need English in your career, we recommend the Business English course.

If you need English to travel, get a visa, talk to friends and family or other everyday situations, our General English course is for you.



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