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How to Use Advertising in New Markets

Use Advertising in New Markets

If you plan to expand your business into a new market, you will need to develop a plan to help you advertise effectively in that country. Customers may reach you in a new market via organic search results or a personal recommendation.

But investing in advertising can help you build your reputation faster. So we'll look at search advertising, display advertising and social advertising, and how they might work together.

The importance of using ads


Let's go back to the old store audio example. If you are planning to expand your business from Egypt to Morocco, you will of course want to translate your site into French, and adapt it locally to suit Morocco.

This way, when people search for terms like old CDs in French, they come across your website and could become your new customer. But if you want to expose your business to more potential customers, advertising is a good idea.

Search advertising

Advertising through search results is a great way to get visible to people who are looking for products similar to yours.

If you have an ad campaign in your country of origin, you can translate and edit your keywords and ads, then ensure that your ads direct people to a landing page written in the local language.

If you are wondering what keywords are commonly used in your new market, you can try using tools like “Google Keyword Planner” or “Bing Keyword Research Tool”.

These tools can tell you which keywords are popular and other useful information, such as potential cost and how many competitors you're likely to encounter.


Display advertising


But what about people who aren't looking for your products? Remember that when you expand into a new market, people are not likely to be aware of your business, so what is the solution? Display advertising and social media are two great ways to increase your knowledge.

You can start by advertising on the sites that your audience visits on the Internet, so if there is a popular site where Moroccan fans of Umm Kulthum's music meet and discuss their favorite records, this could be an ideal place to display your ad.

If you need some help, check out tools like 'Google Display Planner' to give you detailed information about where your audience spends their time online.

Advertising on social media

What about the behavior of Moroccans on social networking sites? It is good to study which social media sites they are using. Is it Facebook and Twitter? Or are there other popular sites? Or maybe a special site for them?

Once you have that information, you will be able to use social media to advertise to Moroccans who are really interested in old records.


How ads can work together


By using a mix of advertising options, you will prepare yourself to win new customers in your new market.

Let's say you're starting to get some attention from customers in your new market, you can now configure your ad to continue to deal with them and build loyalty with them.

Email marketing is a great way to keep in touch with interested customers in the long run, as you can send updates when you have new CDs in store or special promotions.

Don't forget that every market may have different email marketing laws.

You can also try retargeting; Because that allows you to advertise to people who have visited your site what they have done there.

You can show ads to people who are interested in your business and encourage them to come back to your site.

If someone reads your blog twice a month, they are clearly interested in old cylinders, so try retargeting ads to convince them to buy.



When you expand your business into a new market, customers are more likely to not know about your business so you need to do some advertising.

You can use a lot of different ad formats and they all work together. Search ads are a great way to grow your business in a new market, and Display ads, social media, email and retargeting play an important role.

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