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Facebook Turns into Meta

Facebook Meta

Check your Facebook  you will find that Facebook turns into Meta, witch means its new feature coming up to Facebook company with the shortcut "Meta".

Facebook officially announced the change of its name to "Meta", as reported during the last period, to start a different journey far from a normal social network.

In this article we will find out what is the meaning of Meta and how does Facebook turn into Meta as follow:

  • What is Meta feature means?
  • When was the Meta announced?
  • What is the reason for the Meta name?
  • How is Facebook turning into Meta?
  • How will Meta affect us?

What is Meta feature means?


Some describe the metaverse as a 3D virtual reality experience. In contrast, others believe it can be a world where people share virtual space, moving between them no matter where you physically are.

Metaverse It is a shared virtual space for communication and interdependence between the audience, mainly based on virtual and augmented reality technologies.

metaverse is a vision that spans many companies the whole industry.

You can think about it as the successor to the mobile internet.

You can think about the metaverse as an embodied internet, where instead of just viewing content you are in it.

And you feel present with other people as if you were in other places, having different experiences that you couldn’t necessarily do on a 2D app or webpage.

Currently, the metaverse is just a concept and idea.


When was the Meta announced?


Meta Announced at Connect's Annual Conference last year 2021.

Annual Connect conference brings together AR and VR developers, content creators, marketers and more to celebrate the industry's momentum and growth.

The Connect conference explored what experiences in the metaverse might feel like over the next decade - from social connectivity to entertainment, gaming, fitness, work, education and commerce.

They also announced new tools to help people build for the metaverse, including the Presence Platform, which will enable new mixed reality experiences in Quest 2, and a $150 million investment in immersive learning to train the next generation of innovators.


What is the reason for the Meta name?


The company took half of the term "Meta" of "Metaverse " as its new name to denote the shift it will take in the future and its new orientation toward youth and more reality technologies  

Facebook aims to move towards a world surrounded by reality technologies and provides a different experience from the traditional experience of communication networks, which made it take its name from the term "Metaverse".

Mark Zuckerberg spoke at the Facebook Connect 2021 conference and revealed the name of Facebook's new parent company, Meta.

Zuckerberg says that Meta is now a "social tech" company and that it's bringing all of its apps and technologies together into one big new entity.



How is Facebook turning into Meta?


Facebook or META seeks to transform its networks to be essential elements of communication while working on developing technologies to build a virtual world for communication between people all over the world using 3D technologies and not just regular technologies, which is why it has worked tirelessly in developing Oculus glasses and Portal devices recently, and its work on The development of more reality technologies and related devices.


It's worth mentioning Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook aren’t the only ones looking to build this new digital world where people will interact in a 3D virtual space.

Microsoft is also working on metaverse plans to see the physical and virtual melding into one thing.


How will Meta affect us?


It’s hard to have a conversation on social media these days without fear of offending one side or the other.

Meta's plans look intriguing, and all but current events make us wonder if the metaverse might be doing more harm than good.

Do you think that social media platforms such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other great public spaces where people can gather and talk would be harmed by this new technology?.

We will know later if there is damage or will hopefully change our perceptions for the better.

Mark says "I think a lot of people when they think about the metaverse, they think about just virtual reality — which I think is going to be an important part of that… But the metaverse isn't just virtual reality. It's going to be accessible across all of our different computing platforms; VR and AR, but also PC, and also mobile devices, and game consoles".

     Mark Zuckerberg via The Verge

If you want to know the rest of the article check the link bellow

Mark Zuckerberg in the metaverse:Facebook’s CEO on why the social network is becoming ‘a metaverse company’




We've seen how social media has impacted our lives, some in good ways but many in bad ones.

I think that Meta will come soon and it will change a lot in the communication platforms. We may not find other communication platforms at that time, and everyone will resort to it in the end.

But will it increase the divisions that we live in in some way, it will eventually become the norm.

Otherwise, I fear this concept may make the gap wider

We can only hope that at last we will be able to heal the rift between us.


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