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Web Analytics and Organic Search Results

Web Analytics and Organic Search Results

Want to know how you can use web analytics tools to see how well you're doing in organic search results?

In this article, we'll look at visits to your site from organic search results, use the data to learn how search engines evaluate your site, and also how you can solve SEO problems that web analytics haven't covered.

Visits coming to your site from organic search results


Search engines are an important source of traffic for most websites, and in fact, in most cases, they are the largest source of traffic for business websites.

But does the traffic coming from search engines to your site decrease or increase over time? And what do all these searchers actually do after entering your website?

And most importantly, how can you improve your website to ensure that search engines send people interested in your products and services to your site?


Web analytics


Web Analytics owns the answers to these questions. No matter what web analytics tool you use, you will be able to track the number of visitors coming to your website from organic search results from various search engines, and if you rely on an agency or consultant to manage your website, you should request that you be given access to your website's web analytics data.

Once you enter that data, the first thing you need to check is the number of visits coming from search engines over time.

If you're getting more traffic, that's great, but if your traffic is going down, you probably have to do some work, and of course before you make any decision, you'll need to figure out why the traffic is going down, that means we need to know more.

"Google Analytics" Tool


If you use a “Google analytics” tool called “Google analytics”, you can see which keywords people are typing into “Google” before they reach your website.

The data may not necessarily come from the analytics tool itself, but because “Google Analytics” can integrate data from the “Google Search Console” you will be able to see this kind of information.

Different keywords


Remember our example of a guest house? You may find that people are looking for things that you weren't expecting to come to your site, such as “luxury guest houses in Dubai” or “cheap B&B hotels in Dubai”. This helps you understand what your visitors are looking for, so you can use it to create the required content and pages that fit their needs.

You'll also see the number of visitors coming from different keyword topics, as well as whether those visits end up making reservations.

Suppose you notice a gradual decline in traffic coming from a search for a particular phrase, what can you do to change that?

Well, you might start by looking at the content on your site, how can you be sure that the content is as relevant as possible to those looking for luxury guest houses?

Then you can rewrite some text to focus on the luxury guest house you are putting in the visitors' reach.

Remember, you are not revising the content to fit the search engine results, but rather to make it more compatible with your current activity, and as useful as possible to those looking for a luxury guest house.


Solve SEO problems that web analytics didn't cover


If you want to know more about optimizing your pages, check out some of our other content about optimizing your search engine results.

Now, what about the reverse scenario? Visits from searchers may increase with keywords related to luxury guest house.

That's great, but how can you build on that? Again, you should focus on what is seekers' convenience, such as some of the exclusive, high-end features that you offer in a guest house, have you talked about the delicious breakfast or the fine drinks that you offer?

By adding more explicit content about the luxurious looks of a home, you empower search engines to guide users that are most appropriate for your website.

If you've invested some time in content optimization, you'll definitely want to know the result of that time invested, precisely what web analytics does.

If you expect your content to be more suitable for those looking for a luxury guest house, Google Analytics can show you whether your efforts have increased the number of visitors to your website. This is great, isn't it?

After we have focused well on analyzing the number of visits to your site after the search, which is an important thing, you should not forget that more important than the number of visits you get is the effectiveness of those visits.

What is the point of hundreds of visits without any reservations? Remember that analytics not only tell you where your visitors come from, but they also inform you of their activity on your site.

You should review topics that lead to conversions for your goals and result in traffic as well.

If improving your luxury guest house topics leads to more visits, but visitors don't engage with your content, don't subscribe to your newsletter, and don't book any rooms, you may need to investigate to find out why or even shift your focus to another area.



Web analytics can be a great tool for your SEO efforts, as it helps you measure the amount of traffic you get from search engines, identify areas you might be able to improve, and impact the changes you make on your website.

So, if you are interested in SEO, start with analytics and data checking!

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