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The Opportunity Canvas Analysis

 The Opportunity Canvas Analysis 

The Opportunity Canvas Analysis is a framework or model for entrepreneurs created by renowned management expert and bestselling author Dr. James Green.

In his book of the same name, Green describes how entrepreneurs can anticipate market demand for a new product, determine market conditions and industry characteristics, and then motivate themselves to launch new products that meet the unmet demand for the new product so identified.

Indeed, Green's framework is an invaluable guide for entrepreneurs in understanding how demand for a new product emerges, how they can analyze industry and competition through rigorous application of theory to practice, and then create value for consumers through continuous innovation and updating of their product.

Products to meet changing market demand as well as to sense and sense changing consumer preferences according to market movements in real time.

Analysis opportunity canvas analysis

The Opportunity Canvas Analysis Panel is designed as a nine-step experiment broken down into entrepreneurial thinking:

1- Entrepreneurial mindset

2- Entrepreneurial motivations

3- Entrepreneurial behavior

4- Industry condition

5- Industry status

6- Macroeconomic change

7- Competition

8- Value innovation

9- Opportunity identification

Opportunity Canvas Analysis

As we provide opportunity analysis, there are three main areas as far as goals in the Canva:

  • We would like to expand and develop your entrepreneurial mindset.
  • We would like to help you develop your opportunity analysis skill sets.
  • We would like to help you identify or verify entrepreneurial opportunities.

Opportunity analysis begins with trying to help you understand yourself, understand the entrepreneurial mindset, understand the drive to take initiative, and understand entrepreneurial behaviors. where are you? And think about how to expand and strengthen these.

And being the first entrepreneurs, we can be better equipped to pursue new venture opportunities, we also look at industries, think about the industries that are entering and how you can analyze the industries and their conditions and situation.

We look at macroeconomic factors. Demographics, psychology, technology, society, politics and organizational changes.

We will think about how to develop value for your customers in value innovation.

When we think of the Opportunity Analysis Panel, it's really segmented into three areas:

  • Entrepreneurial thinking.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Entrepreneurial work.



So in a nutshell, we want to realize that business models are shaped after an idea is developed.

Without an idea there is no business model, there is no customer discovery, there is no business. We need a strong idea to start with and this is the first step.

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