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Learn How to Make SEO for Local Businesses

SEO for Local Businesses

What do you think about talking about search engines and local businesses? You often know that search engines are powerful tools for connecting potential customers with businesses, but did you know that they can prioritize your business in search results if the searcher is close to you or is searching within your geographic area?

How can you help your site appear in 'local' search results?

Let's go back to our bike shop example; Let's see how that works. Let's say we have a site where customers can order products online, but they usually need to buy parts as quickly as possible, which means they can't wait to receive them.

You need to make sure that these customers are able to find your store immediately; So that they can buy what they need.

So, how can you help your site appear in 'local' search results? First, you have to let the search engines know “where” you are! Start with the basics, and make sure your site includes information such as your business name and address, or the area you serve - if you meet your customers at their location - your phone number and hours of operation.

Don't forget to add relevant content that helps explain your location! Content can greatly help connect your business with your customers and potential customers.


Chances of appearing in local search results

For a bike shop, the content may include a blog post about bike repair and maintenance, and details about the maintenance of bikes you provide in your shop.

It may also include descriptions, photos, and videos of local bike races, or popular cycling routes and places in your area.

It may also include articles on how to choose the correct tire size for a bike, with local customers welcome to visit your store for assistance.

That is, the more local information you add to your website, and search engines learn that that information is relevant to local searchers, the more likely you are to appear in local search results as well.


How popular is your business


Remember that the role of search engines is to provide the searcher with the right result, at the right time and in the right place.

To do this, search engines may consider a searcher's proximity to your business, or geographic area, as part of their search, so don't expect your store to appear in search results when someone from another country wants to find a bike shop.

Another thing is how popular your business is, which may be a factor in itself. Just as in the offline world, some companies hold a higher position than others.

In the online world, businesses that have owned websites for a longer period of time, or have gained a lot of mentions, and created a lot of content over the years, can be rewarded by search engines on results pages.


Take advantage of the local offers of search engines

Don't forget to take advantage of the local offers of the search engines themselves; Therefore, be sure to use services such as Yahoo! Local and Google My Business or Bing Local; Because it helps search engines know more about your business and when to put you in their results.

Once your business is listed, and the actual location or service area is confirmed, local search listings become another way for local searchers to find you online.

Let's review what we said: What do you think the search results for "bike shop in your town" will include? If you answered “a list of bike shops in your town”, you are right; Because if you look at the businesses that come up, you'll likely find that they're on a lot of local listings, and they have sites with lots of relevant content and detailed information about where they are.

Mobile compatible site

Last but not least, don't forget that many researchers search for local results using smartphones while they are on the go.

If your location can be found in mobile search results, it can be an important way to connect with customers; So make sure you have a mobile compatible website that loads fast; So that search engines can understand it and visitors like it.

For local search engine optimization. Remember the following steps that can help search engines understand if your business is local:

  • Add your store location details to your website.
  • Consistently add high-quality content that is relevant to your audience and highlights your business website.
  • Check your business listing on the search engine and local business directory.
  • Make sure your site is mobile friendly and easy for search engines and visitors to understand.

It may take a while to get to know locally, especially if your business is new, but, if you add clear information about it, with engaging content and promote it in local directories, customers will start finding you in local search results.

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