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Best Way to Retargeting Display Ads

Retargeting Display Ads 

One of the most powerful types of ads is retargeting display ads, and it allows you to use what people are doing on your website so that you can target them with a specific ad message, even after they leave the site.

In this article, we'll show you how that works, and help you decide if retargeting display ads is a good fit for your digital strategy.

How does "retargeting display ad" work?


Using our example of a movie review podcast, let's say a potential client comes across your website looking for something new to listen to on their morning commute to work, shows interest and starts subscribing.

But in the middle of filling out the sign-up form, he was suddenly distracted by a phone call; So leave your site before hitting "Subscribe".

Sure, you're happy to visit your website, but you'll be happier if visitors complete their subscription, but they may forget your audio recording or find something else to subscribe to instead.

This is where retargeting comes in, and your first step will be to define your target audience.

Now you have plenty of "retargeting display ads" solutions to choose from, and plenty of networks and display ads offer this feature as well, but no matter which method you use, you'll first need to decide who will be in your audience.


Retarget your audience


You can define your target audience with those who started filling out the subscription form but did not complete it.

Retargeting may require adding a little code to your web pages, or integrating it with your online data analytics tool; To be able to create a list of people from your website who apply these criteria.

Again, this will not be a list of individuals with personal information, such as names and email addresses.

But a confidential list (usually called a retargeting list) of users who meet your criteria, and can be retargeted with ads.

Once you've identified your audience who started the sign-up process but didn't complete it, they'll be added to the list.


Design retargeting ads


Now it's time to design retargeting ads specifically for them.

These ads can be very specific; Because you know that everyone viewing it has already started subscribing to your site so you can include items such as special offers for additional content.

A free gift for registering with the site, or other incentives aimed at bringing them back and completing the subscription.

And with a campaign set up to show ads to people on your retargeting list, you can now reach potential customers even after they leave your site.

So they may see one of your ads later, click on it, and complete the registration process.

Once they sign up, there is no need for you to show them more ads with incentives to sign up.

So you may want to create a new retargeting list for your existing subscribers and then you can target them with a different ad campaign.

Maybe convince them to come back and explore all the other podcasts available.


This is how retargeting display ads works. It tracks what people are doing on your site and then targets the audience according to their behaviour.

It allows advertisers to tailor specific ads to people who have or haven't taken specific action.

We hope this sparks some ideas for you about how you can use retargeting ads in your business to re-attract visitors, convert them into customers, and get them to come back to your business over and over again!

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