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What is Production, Promotion and Marketing

Production, Promotion and Marketing

As you build your online store, promoting your product list can be a challenge.

Here, we'll go through the best ways to promote your products and special offers, show you how to predict which products your customers will like, and help you showcase products that customers don't usually see.

The best way to promote your products and special offers


Your first step will be to set up your online store; So that it is easy for your visitors to browse through all your offered products.

Of course, you'll want to create a correct hierarchy of product categories and subcategories, which will help your visitor navigate your site and your list of products for sale.

Promoting products in an online store is not much different from a high street store.

Do you remember the last time you visited a furniture store, you probably didn't go in and scan a map of the store's aisles for where to find products, but often went in to look near the door for a very comfortable sofa that could immerse you in it.

Like traditional stores, electronic stores also offer specific and distinctive products.

If the summer vacation is at its end, and students begin to return to universities, the furniture store may tend to display and sell offices or libraries. This is an example of merchandise promotion.

You can do the same online by starting to promote specific products on the homepage.

Promoting might help you sell vintage products or show off a best-selling product that you want more of your customers to see.


How to predict which products your customers will prefer


Don't forget that using part of your homepage to showcase products or even run online advertising campaigns on custom landing pages would be a great idea for online promotion. And this is only the beginning.

Imagine yourself entering a traditional furniture store to find the front displays magically changing around you according to your interests, and as you wander inside as the promotions you come across are customized according to what you have seen.

This is exactly what online stores can do! As visitors browse the pages of your website, you gather information about their interests, and use that information to predict what they might be interested in next.

Think about the last time you shopped online! You may see “Suggested Products” after you have viewed specific products or placed them in your shopping cart.

For example, if you were on a furniture website browsing kitchen tables, you might have seen promotions for chairs or window sills that fit the room.

It's no longer difficult, many shopping cart service providers such as "Magento", "Volusion", "Prestashop" and "Shopify" provide product recommendation engines.

Show products that customers don't usually see


The next thing in product promotion and marketing is to come up with ways to display products that your visitors wouldn't otherwise have looked for, and this can be a very effective way to sell additional products to existing customers.

So how does that work? Well, let's imagine that an office manager is looking for a new sitting desk for the chairman of the board.

He wants something big and elegant, but he may not have thought about buying a library or custom-made doors to go with the office. 

Now is the perfect time to remind him that promoting related products can help increase sales.



The world of e-commerce shows you plenty of great ways to ensure your customers see and interact with relevant products on your website.

For example, you can create a virtual display for as long as they enter your site, or use the information to suggest what they can buy next. Get started now and start selling!

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