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How to Share and Promote YouTube Video

Share and Promote YouTube Video

After you put a lot of hard work into making great videos, of course you'll want as many people as possible to watch them.

In "How to Share and Promote YouTube Video" article, you will learn how to publish and organize videos on your site and video sharing site YouTube, and we will discuss how to increase your audience using social media and email marketing.

How to share and promote YouTube video?


Suppose you are a food blogger and you have filmed a bunch of cooking shows, the first step will be to put your videos on the popular “YouTube” video sharing sites.

As you do this, be sure to use accurate titles, relevant keywords, and detailed descriptions of the content of each segment; Not only will it help your viewers know what to expect, it can help your videos appear in search results.

And don't forget to include a call-to-action; To encourage your audience to take the next step.

For example, ask viewers to share the video, visit your site, sign up for your email newsletter, or write a comment.

Next comes your website, where you can place your videos on pages that correspond to specific types of cuisines or cooking techniques.

Here, you have to keep your content fresh by constantly putting in new videos, and don't forget to archive or remove old clips, like advertising for a local food festival that's already over.


How to increase your audience using social media and email marketing? 


After people watch your videos, encourage them to spend more time on your site by showing off a few interesting seconds of other videos, making them easy to find, and grouping videos together according to their purpose, such as cooking tips or brunch recipes.

Sharing video through email marketing and social media is another effective way to attract and grow an audience, but keep in mind that some popular email programs don't support video playback.

So you can direct people to your site instead of embedding the video directly into the email.

For example, you can insert an anchor clip of your video linked to a page on your website where the video can be played.

Also use social networking sites like “Facebook” or “Twitter” to post your videos, which people may want to share with friends, family and followers, such as interesting cooking tips or meetings with famous chefs.

Want another way to share videos? Use hashtags, adding them to your posts can improve visibility on certain social media sites. For example, for a food blog, you can use hashtags like #cooking, #cookingtips and #eatinglovers.


Placing videos on your site and popular video sharing sites is the first step to share and promote YouTube video content.

Once there, fill the world with your videos by sharing links via email and social media.

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