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Perfect Email Marketing Content Writing

Email Marketing Content Writing

Here you are introduced to the email marketing service, and you are ready to start your first advertising campaign.

Now let's talk about how to grab your customers' interest with a catchy title, keep them interested with short and relevant content, and provide links to more information on your website.

How to catch your customers' interest with a catchy title


Well, let's say again that you own a pet supply store and have collected the names, email addresses, and pet types of both potential and existing customers.

You are now ready to launch your first email marketing campaign. Send an email ad targeting dog and cat owners, telling them what's new and healthy about pet food.

But to get your customers to read your flyer, you first need to get them to open the email. It's all about making a good first impression, so ask yourself these questions:

  • What will customers see when they glimpse their inbox?
  • Will my email grab their attention and urge them to open it?

Customers will see two items: your business name in the sender field, and the title of your email; So be careful to use a name and address that clearly reflects your activity, as people often prefer to open the message from someone they know and trust.

The subject line of your email can be the reason for the success or failure of your campaign, because a good headline leads the customer to open the message, while a poor headline can lead to your message being deleted or even included in spam.

Keep the subject line short and simple, no longer than about ten words, and containing the most valuable and relevant information from the content of the email.

If possible, specify the content in the title line, such as: “Ziad, is your puppy the healthiest in Dubai?”

It's best to avoid words like "free - discount - reminder - special offers", or use the dollar symbol and exclamation points because all of these words and signs are generally associated with spam signs.


How to keep their attention with short and relevant content


Now that you've managed to get your customers' attention and open up your letter, you can say you're halfway there and still have the other half to reach the finish line.

At this point, you should always remember how busy your customers are and how many other messages they receive every day.

Even if you mastered writing the best eye-catching emails, customers are likely to just scroll through them quickly; So make sure that your content is short, and get to the heart of the topic directly.

Your paragraphs should be short, ranging from one sentence to three at the most, and make sure that these sentences center around one main idea.

You can always put links to longer articles or additional information on your website.

Your writing should be as compelling and engaging as possible, using style and wording appropriate for your target audience.

And while it's important to stick with your branding, your email newsletters give you the opportunity to let go of the formality a bit. And remember that links in your email should contain calls to action.

Encourage him to click the link to learn more about the offers on your website, such as “Click here to save 25 percent off your next order of all-organic cat food,” or “Click here for free shipping on orders over 50 dollars".

Use bold text and attractive design to highlight important content and presentations.

Provide links 


One last thing to include in your message is to put links at the bottom of the message that allow customers to unsubscribe, change their email preferences, or update contact details.

This option may not be good for you or your customers, but many countries require businesses to provide an easy way for users to opt out of receiving electronic newsletters.

So be sure to take the time to write a short and strong title and create concise content in a fun and engaging style, with useful links that will improve your customer experience and thus increase your sales.

Each email marketing campaign will teach you more about the successful and the unsuccessful elements in the field.

Over time, you will be able to create better messages for your customers, thus boosting your business.

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