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How to Advertise on Social Media

Advertising on Social Networks

Wondering if there's anything else you can do now that you have a social media plan in place? The answer is often yes!

Some networks offer paid advertising opportunities, which can give you the ability to reach a very specific audience and get your message across.

Understand advertising on social media


Let's get into it then, and we'll use a classic clothing store as an example. You may have noticed that your best clients often come from certain categories.

Let's say they are women, between 20-35 years old, wouldn't it be great if your ad could reach this exact category? And who are your future customers likely to be?

Well, social media help you do this and more, because they are often very familiar with their users. Think of your Facebook or Twitter accounts.


For example, have you added your age and gender to your profiles on those networks? Lots of people do, which is why social media networks are able to give businesses access to a specific category.

That looks good so far, right? There is better than that too. For example, not all women in the 20-35 age group have an interest in classic clothing.

So we can avoid spending money on advertising for people who are not interested in classic clothes, which is a win.

Fortunately, social networks can help you narrow down your target audience even further.

For example, you can target women between 20-35, who are interested in a specific fashion designer, or who shared something about classic clothes in the past.

This would be a great way to focus your ad only on the people most likely to be interested in your store.

We can take it even further. Like other online advertising channels, you can also target your ad to a specific geographic area, such as targeting social advertising to women, aged 20-35, within 25 miles of your store, who are interested in a designer.

Specific fashion matters to you, too. This is great, isn't it?

This means that social media sites offer great options for targeting your ads or content to a specific audience, and this is a great way to monetize your budget efficiently.


Pay money to support your efforts


How can paying to promote your messages to users of social networks support your other efforts on those networks?

Another great reason to try paid advertising on social media is that building your social media presence doesn't happen overnight and is usually a gradual process, you post unique and interesting content for more and more people to see as time goes on.

But what if you want to speed up this process?

Let's say you have a Twitter page and a few hundred "followers" so far.

What if you want to reach a larger number, especially those who do not follow you? You can try Promoted Tweets, which is a way to quickly get your store in front of potential customers.

For example, your “Promoted Tweet” can be shown to people who have “tweeted” about classic fashion before, or people who follow an influential designer, and suddenly, you reach 200+ followers, and your network grows with more followers, hopefully.



So, this is social media advertising, you can target your audience accurately and also increase your visibility on social networks very quickly, as long as you are willing to pay the price of course.


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