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What is Your Hobby? - Interview Question

What Is Your Hobby?

Although you may have touched on this when asked, “Tell us a little about yourself,” there's a good chance the interviewer will want to know more. 

When the interviewer asks, “What is your hobby?” they want to get a glimpse into your personality. They are curious about who you are and whether you will fit in well with the rest of the team.

What is your hobby?


This is a chance to shine your character. Our advice is to be honest. There is no need to go any further in vulnerability here.

Avoid getting into politics, illegal activities, or anything else that could be a red flag. 

A good general rule of thumb here is that if you find yourself wondering if this is appropriate, it is not.

Instead, share the passion that enriches your life. If you have a hobby that parallels your career, great! If not, simply share something you enjoy. 

Here is some of everything related to the interview question " what is your hobby?".

Some other formulas


There are many formulas for the question “What do you like to do outside work?”, including:

  • What do you like to do outside of work?
  • What do you like to do for fun?
  • What do you do for fun?
  • What do you do outside of work?
  • What do you prefer to do outside of work?

Why does the interviewer ask you this question?

It can provide insight into how you fit in with other team members; It can also provide insight into your personal priorities. 

However, another purpose of this question may be to gauge your reaction to the unexpected.

Interviewers often ask seemingly out-of-the-box questions like “what is your hobby? ” in order to assess your ability to think carefully when the conversation takes an unexpected turn. 

The answer you give, and the way you present it, will usually provide a glimpse into your personality and how you deal with stress.


How to prepare for the answer


If you have a hobby that is related to the job you are applying for or that emphasizes transferable skills that may not be evident from other work experience, mention it by all means. 

If you are applying for a job that requires creativity, you might mention that you write short stories.

You might also think beyond business skills when choosing a hobby, and instead choose one that demonstrates how it will add to the company's work environment. 

As you research a company prior to interviewing, you will see that some companies or teams will publish more of the social aspects of working there on their website or social media. 

So jot down any group activities you encounter that align with the hobbies you already have.

It's a good idea to prepare a rough answer beforehand so you don't get stuck and stumbled when they ask you. 

Obviously, it seems really difficult to prepare an answer to such an informal question but just make sure that you have identified some of your interests and hobbies that you are willing to talk about.

  • Do you like to go for walks? 
  • draw? 
  • Photography? 
  • Management? 
  • Reading?

There is no right answer but just make sure that whatever you are discussing is not controversial or most importantly, it is not a lie. When answering, don't just give a one-word answer, discuss why you like doing it and what you get from it. 

By discussing what you enjoy doing, they can get a good idea of who you are.

What if you don't have a hobby?


If you are asked “what is your hobby?” don't panic! There is probably something in your life that you care about and do a lot, even if you don't call it a hobby.

Remember that you don't have to do something as part of a formal class or group for it to be considered a hobby.

And you definitely don't have to spend money on it. Hobbies can be as simple as reading, playing sports, hiking to explore new places, or cooking new foods.


If your hobby is more important, that's okay too. Perhaps you are fascinated by fashion and read and see all you can about current trends, or perhaps you are a history buff who loves books about unknown historical events and spends part of each holiday in a museum.

If you don't have a lot of free time right now, it's okay to use something you did in the past and hope to do more of in the future. Or maybe you like trying new things. 

Going out to try something new whenever you can is also one of the interests you talk about, and curiosity is a valuable trait for an employee.


Examples of answering the question


Response templates can help you understand how to carefully answer the question “What is your hobby?” Consider these sample answers to help inspire you to prepare your own answer:

Football has always been one of my biggest interests. I played all through school, and in college when I studied abroad in Spain, my passion for sports was awakened by how excited the people around me were. I still follow European teams and play with a local team. I even help arrange the entire league schedule including times and locations. Last year, I coached my daughter's soccer team for the first time. They are only four years old, but having something I love is so rewarding and there is a lot of satisfaction in figuring out the best way to teach each child a new skill.

I am a foodie. My friends and I love trying out new restaurants in town as soon as they open - and the more unusual the better! I love discovering new foods and cuisines, and it's a great activity to share with friends. I try to go out with the same group at least once a week and it's a fun way to make sure we stay connected and share experiences even when we're busy with other things. We even took a trip to New York City and spent each day in a different neighborhood, buying something to share from a few restaurants.

During my spare time, I enjoy running. In the week I like to stay local, but during the weekend I usually complete a more beautiful and challenging route. Sometimes I run with my local running club, it's a great way to socialize and stay motivated by cheering each other on. In a couple of months, I planned to run the Manchester Half Marathon and raise money for a local charity.

I really enjoy cooking in my spare time. I often watch cooking shows to learn new cooking techniques and learn about new dishes. Over the weekend, I often rummage through a local charity store looking for a new cookbook to stumble upon. My family and friends encouraged me to create my own cooking blog and Instagram page where I post a new recipe with a photo of a dish twice a week.

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