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The Difference Between So and Too

So and Too

I've collected So and Too in this lesson because I've heard many English learners confuse them!. Why do the smallest words always cause the biggest problem? Here The difference between So and Too in easy explanation.


How to use "too"?


1. The word Too often comes with the meaning of more than necessary, and it is said when mentioning something that you cannot bear. adverb

  • Turn the music down. It's too loud!

2. In addition; also. adverb

  • Is he coming too?

How to use "so"?

1. To such a great extent. adverb

  • The words tumbled out so fast that I could barely hear them.

2. To the same extent (used in comparisons). adverb

  • He isn't so bad as you'd think.

3. In the way described or demonstrated; thus. adverb

  • Hold your arms so.

4. And for this reason; therefore. conjunction

  • It was still painful so I went to see a specialist.

5. With the aim that; in order that. conjunction

  • They whisper to each other so that no one else can hear.

6. And then; as the next step. conjunction

  • And so to the finals.

7. Introducing a question. conjunction

  • So, what did you do today?

8. Introducing a statement which is followed by a defensive comment. conjunction

  • So I like anchovies—what's wrong with that?

9. Introducing a concluding statement. conjunction

  • So that's that.

10. In the same way; correspondingly. conjunction

  • Just as bad money drives out good, so does bad art drive out the good.

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