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How to Boost Self-Confidence at Work?

self-Marketing at work

With self-marketing at work, you will learn ways to talk about your accomplishments and their importance to boost your confidence and ability to be persuasive. Learn to talk comfortably about your accomplishments to help others know your abilities and skills.

In this article, we'll introduce the concept of self-marketing  and why it's so difficult, and offer a set of tools and tips to help you build your confidence and self-esteem. 


Introduction to self-marketing at Work

Some say: If you have self-marketing at work be, then lower your head, do not be arrogant. Stop showing off, nobody likes showing off. This is not at all true. Experts will tell us why.

1- What is self marketing?

Self marketing is about informing the people involved of the skills and value you can bring to the organization.

So people can make the best possible choice when hiring you and know that you are the best person for the job.

Self-marketing is a process of looking at the things you do every day, analyzing the skills you have, and what you can do, and using this to advance your position.

Research confirms that it is absolutely essential and essential to success in jobs.

2- Why is self-marketing so difficult?

One of the biggest misconceptions about self marketing is that it means showing off.

If you search for the word self-promotion or self-marketing, the first thing you will find is: promoting or advertising oneself or one's actions, especially in a powerful way.

Worldwide, many people are afraid of self-selling and clients often tell me they hear their parents say don't brag.

For reasons of culture, some people find it difficult to show and market themselves. People resist self-selling because it essentially makes them feel alienated.

Fascinating studies have looked at what happens if you give people a different reason why they don't feel comfortable. So once a person attributes their discomfort to something other than self-selling, they do it much better.


3- What is the importance of self marketing?

Less than 10% of job applicants actually make it to an interview. Imagine if there were ten people who are all as capable and capable as you then you would need something extra that would make you special. And here in fact comes the role of marketing for the same.

We know that 85% of jobs are achieved through relationships and therefore the ability to speak confidently about your skills in front of the group of people you connect with is absolutely essential.

Studies have shown that being able to market yourself will not only guarantee you a job, but the one you will actually succeed in.

The more accurate you are when talking about your skills, qualities, and past accomplishments, the more likely the person you're interacting with will make the right decision about you.

Self-marketing can help you reveal your untapped potential. You will see that it works.

What if self marketing was something other than ostentation, narcissism, or selfishness. It can actually be a way of give and take.

How do you discover what sets you apart?


We invited different people to discover why self-marketing is so hard and explain why they are so afraid of it. Now try writing the things that make you special.

Do you want the full page? How did you feel when you wrote this? Yes, I think it is difficult.

1- Think about the things you have achieved

I wouldn't say that ideas don't flow naturally. Instinctively, I was thinking that what I was going to write on the paper would be a little bit but as soon as you start writing, and you start thinking about the things that you've achieved, they flow in one by one, and you find yourself, yeah, I could really talk about myself. 

Can you read this out loud? Well... 

  • I'm special because I put smiles on customers' faces. 
  • I started my own business. 
  • I'm special because I've managed to balance a job and a business. 
  • I'm special because I rebranded 250 stores in the company's portfolio I work hard to be a good manager. 
  • I am the first to go to university in my family.

How did you feel reading this out loud? I think saying it out loud is more difficult than writing it.

2- Think about your actual accomplishments

I felt like I was reading someone else's autobiography and not mine. At first you feel like a worthless person, but then, all of these things really feel real.

Yes, it was a good feeling. I am able, that is what this list helped me realize. This is probably the first time I've ever sat down and thought about my actual accomplishments.

I should not market myself by saying I took this position, or occupied this position in this company, but I should say in this company, I achieved this, I saved this, and I achieved growth for this.

In the moments when I feel like I'm not glamorous or special, I'll think of sitting on this bench and having this conversation and saying to myself, Yeah, I'm special.

What are the ways to practice self marketing?


Today we'll hear some tips from the experts on how to market yourself and improve your ability to express your accomplishments. Write a list of your accomplishments.

1- Make a list of the things that make you unique

You may have won sports awards, or you may have participated in fundraising in your community.

So I advise you to start writing these things down so that it is easy for you to remember them and share them with others to let them know how successful you are. Send an email to your friends and colleagues.


2- A survey of your friends

My favorite exercise I would recommend to everyone is to email the people you've worked with or your friends and ask:

Can you tell me about the last time I helped you with something? And what was it? Then I ask: What three things do you really value in me? 

What's great about it is how surprised most people are by the responses they get from people they work with or from their friends.

3- Practice speaking

One great way to increase your confidence when marketing yourself is to practice speaking passionately about your past skills, talents, and accomplishments.

4- Prepare your trust bag

One of the classic skills or techniques for increasing your confidence is what we call a confidence bag.

Think about all the things you are really proud of and all of your accomplishments, and imagine that situation, putting it in a bag in your mind.

And when you go through a situation where you feel stressed or anxious, remember all those situations that you were able to accomplish before and have faith that you can do them again.

5- Try the power pose

Another great exercise is to get into a power pose with your feet firmly on the floor and your hands at your waist.

It changes your physiology, helps you feel more confident so you can face the world. They are really great for stressful situations like interviews.



I'll tell you what I want you to think about marketing yourself. In this, you need to train just as you would with muscles, so you can talk about your skills, strengths, achievements and qualifications in the right way.

When you do this, you will gain this skill over time and feel proud to tell the world what you have done well.

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