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Comparing Windows 10 vs Windows 11

Windows 10 vs Windows 11

Windows 11 shares with Windows 10 the basic features, but the new version of Windows 11 outperforms its predecessor, Windows 10, with new features in addition to the basic features that it also shares with.

We will show the features that Windows 11 excels over Windows 10 at first, and then we will discuss the features that Windows 11 shares with Windows 10.

Finally we will show a side of the support from Windows 11 in the development of the education system in the world.


Features that Windows 11 outperforms on Windows


Microsoft continuously improving performance and efficiency features like sleeping tabs based on User's feedback.

That's why they also added a big change in the Windows 11 system that satisfies all users and based on their suggestions and continuous system development reduces the feeling of boredom next to the main goal of making life easier and faster and accomplishing tasks better.

Here are 7 features that Windows 11 outperforms on Windows 10:

 The feature
Windows 10
Windows 11
Auto-tuning feature       (Auto HDR)
Chat via microsoft teams
Switching between desktops

Direct Storage
Celebration Emojis
Seamless Redocking
User Interface Elements


Note: Windows 11 also has a lower level of noise, fuss and clutter.


Features common to Windows 11 and Windows 10

These features are the basic foundation of the system, which continues to be supported and developed continuously to provide the best performance and provide permanent comfort to users as always.

Here are 6 features common to Windows 11 and Windows 10:

 The feature
     Windows 10
Windows 11
Microsoft Store
Microsof Teams
Photo App
Occlusal assistance
Touch screen
Windows on ARM

Finally, we will show an aspect of Microsoft's support for Windows 11 for education and the development of the education system in general in the world, as Microsoft.

In cooperation with its partners during the Corona pandemic, worked on a very important aspect, which is the educational aspect, which we will present to you a brief part of in the following:

Windows 11 powers a new generation of devices for education’s changing landscape.


While education has changed drastically in recent years, Microsoft remains steadfast in its promise to support the needs of students and educators today and in the future.

Windows 11 offers a powerful, streamlined, clean, and seamless design that aims to make communication and collaboration easier. The introduction of Windows 11 SE in November ushered in a new era of education.

Designed and built during the pandemic to address the core challenges schools face in the world of blended learning, it delivers performance improvements that optimize resources on low-cost devices to deliver more comprehensive learning experiences, and are easier to deploy and manage. 

Their partners build a wide range of Windows 11 SE devices that are now beginning to become available globally. Educators will find many options for form factors to meet students' needs at price points to fit any budget. Anywhere, anytime learning is here to stay.

As schools and systems constantly change and evolve to meet the needs of their students and families, Microsoft and our partners will be there to help tackle the biggest challenges in education. 

These new devices support more engaging, collaborative and accessible learning for all, and this translates into providing the best tools for inclusive and equitable education.

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