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All Regular Verbs List in English

Regular Verbs in English

There are thousands of regular verbs in English. We offers a sizable regular verbs list in the English language, showing the corresponding base verb and past tense with past participle.

What is the regular verb?

A regular verb is any verb whose conjugation follows the typical pattern, or one of the typical patterns, of the language to which it belongs. We only have to add “ed” or “d” to regular verbs to make them past or past participle and these verbs are the same.

Many English verbs are regular verbs, which means that they form different tenses according to a specific pattern. As long as you follow the rules for conjugation, it’s easy to change the tense of these verbs.

For examples:
  • Sara accepts the award on his behalf.
  • Sara accepted the award on his behalf.

Regular verbs list

Base form
Past tense/ Past participle
accept accepted
add added
admire admired
admit admitted
advise advised
afford afforded
agree agreed
alert alerted
allow allowed
amuse amused
announce announced
annoy annoyed
answer answered
applaud applauded
appreciate appreciated
approve approved
arrive arrived
ask asked
attempt attempted
attend attended
avoid avoided
bake baked
bang banged
bat batted
bathe bathed
battle battled
beam beamed
beg begged
behave behaved
belong belonged
bleach bleached
blind blinded
blink blinked
blot blotted
blush blushed
boast boasted
boil boiled
bolt bolted
bomb bombed
book booked
bore bored
bounce bounced
brake braked
branch branched
burn burned
buzz buzzed
calculate calculated
call called
camp camped
carry carried
carve carved
choke choked
collect collected
command commanded
communicate communicated
compare compared
compete competed
complain complained
concentrate concentrated
confess confessed
confuse confused
connect connected
consider considered
consist consisted
contain contained
continue continued
cough coughed
count counted
cover covered
crash crashed
crawl crawled
cross crossed
curl curled
curve curved
damage damaged
delay delayed
delight delighted
deliver delivered
depend depended
describe described
desert deserted
deserve deserved
destroy destroyed
develop developed
disagree disagreed
disappear disappeared
discover discovered
dislike disliked
divide divided
double doubled
doubt doubted
drag dragged
drain drained
dream dreamed
dress dressed
drip dripped
drop dropped
earn earned
educate educated
employ employed
end ended
enjoy enjoyed
entertain entertained
escape escaped
examine examined
excuse excused
explain explained
explode exploded
extend extended
face faced
fade faded
fail failed
fear feared
fetch fetched
fix fixed
flash flashed
flap flapped
flood flooded
fold folded
flower flowered
fool fooled
force forced
form formed
found founded
frame framed
frighten frightened
gather gathered
gaze gazed
glue glued
grab grabbed
grate grated
grease greased
grin grinned
grip gripped
groan groaned
guard guarded
guess guessed
guide guided
hammer hammered
hand handed
handle handled
happen happened
harm harmed
heat heated
help helped
hug hugged
hum hummed
hunt hunted
ignore ignored
imagine imagined
impress impressed
improve improved
include included
increase increased
influence influenced
inform informed
instruct instructed
intend intended
interest interested
invent invented
irritate irritated
jog jogged
join joined
joke joked
judge judged
juggle juggled
jump jumped
kick kicked
kiss kissed
love loved
manage managed
march marched
mark marked
match matched
measure measured
meddle meddled
melt melted
mend mended
mine mined
miss missed
mix mixed
move moved
muddle muddled
nail nailed
name named
need needed
nest nested
nod nodded
notice noticed
number numbered
object objected
observe observed
obtain obtained
occur occurred
offend offended
offer offered
open opened
owe owed
own owned
pack packed
pass passed
peep peeped
perform performed
permit permitted
phone phoned
pine pined
place placed
plan planned
plant planted
play played
please pleased
plug plugged
point pointed
poke poked
polish polished
pop popped
pray prayed
preach preached
precede preceded
press pressed
pretend pretended
prevent prevented
prick pricked
print printed
produce produced
program programmed
promise promised
provide provided
pull pulled
pump pumped
punish punished
push pushed
question questioned
race raced
radiate radiated
receive received
record recorded
reflect reflected
refuse refused
regret regretted
remain remained
remember remembered
remind reminded
remove removed
report reported
reproduce reproduced
request requested
retire retired
reduce reduced
rhyme rhymed
rob robbed
rock rocked
roll rolled
rub rubbed
ruin ruined
rule ruled
rush rushed
sail sailed
satisfy satisfied
save saved
scratch scratched
scream screamed
save saved
serve served
settle settled
shade shaded
shave shaved
shelter sheltered
shiver shivered
shock shocked
shop shopped
shrug shrugged
sigh sighed
sign signed
sip sipped
ski skied
skip skipped
slow slowed
smash smashed
smell smelled
smoke smoked
snatch snatched
sneeze sneezed
sniff sniffed
snore snored
snow snowed
soothe soothed
sound sounded
spell spelled
spill spilled
spoil spoiled
spray sprayed
sprout sprouted
squeeze squeezed
stain stained
stamp stamped
stare stared
start started
stay stayed
steer steered
step stepped
stir stirred
snitch snitched
squeeze squeezed
stop stopped
store stored
strap strapped
stroke stroked
stuff stuffed
subtract subtracted
suck sucked
suffer suffered
suit suited
support supported
surprise surprised
surround surrounded
suspect suspected
suspend suspended
switch switched
talk talked
tame tamed
tap tapped
telephone telephoned
tempt tempted
test tested
thank thanked
thaw thawed
tick ticked
tickle tickled
tie tied
time timed
tip tipped
touch touched
tour toured
tow towed
trace traced
trade traded
train trained
transport transported
trap trapped
travel traveled
treat treated
tremble tremble
trick tricked
trip tripped
trot trotted
trouble troubled
trust trusted
tug tugged
tumble tumbled
turn turned
twist twisted
type typed
undress undressed
unfasten unfastened
unite united
unpack unpacked
use used
vanish vanished
visit visited
wail wailed
wait waited
walk walked
wander wandered
waste wasted
watch watched
water watered
whine whined
wave waved
whip whipped
whirl whirled
wipe wiped
wish wished
wobble wobbled
wonder wondered
work worked
worry worried
wrap wrapped
wreck wrecked
wrestle wrestled
x-ray x-rayed
yawn yawned
yell yelled
zip zipped
zoom zoomed

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