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Learn How to Use Never and Ever to Build Sentences

Never and Ever

Using Never to build sentences


"Never" It is originally an abbreviation for "not ever", meaning that the subject had no particular experience before. It is used in negative questions to show surprise. Examples:

  • I've never been abroad.
  • Have you never played soccer?
  • You never know what could happen.
  • We'll probably never know the answers.
  • I will never love her again.

Using Ever to build sentences


The word "ever" is derived from the word "never". The two words have a clear affinity.

"Ever" means at any unspecified and unnecessary time and is used in questions and is used with nothing that happened at all or no one went at all, and also in the first time for the first experiments. It means "never". Here are some examples:

  • Have you ever met a famous person?
  • Who ever heard of a grown man being frightened of the dark?
  • Nobody has ever traveled through time.
  • No one ever go there before.
  • This is the first time I've ever eaten snake soup.
  • Is he ever drunk!



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