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Use LET ME to Build Sentences

the Uses of "Let me" in english

The use of "Let me" is indicates that you are asking for permission or an opportunity to do something.

Examples of how the use of "let me" in sentences:

  1. Alpha Never one like you, let me think about beating the pain.
  2. Don't let me wait, wait until the widder then see you I am afraid I've language do word poor.
  3. Drinking more water can compensate for you let me shed tears.
  4. Even to the end of the dream, please let me happy.
  5. Give me a call to let me know you've arrived safely.
  6. Have you ever let me not alone, you make me more lonely.
  7. He is too busy, let me go instead.
  8. He'd let me down more than once so the next time he asked me for a favour I gave him the brush off.
  9. His dog nosed me, then let me go in.
  10. I'd bet to take the happiness of this life, how do you be willing to let me lose.
  11. If you accept, please let me know.
  12. If you need any help, let me know.
  13. If you need some money, please let me know, I've hived up a sum of money.
  14. In case he comes, let me know.
  15. Let me acquaint you with the facts.
  16. Let me be quite candid with you: your work is not good enough.
  17. Let me enumerate many flaws in your hypothesis.
  18. Let me get your coat for you. --Thanks.
  19. Let me give an example to illustrate the point.
  20. Let me hear your candid opinion.
  21. Let me help you to cork up this bottle.
  22. Let me introduce Bob, one of the club's stalwart.
  23. Let me know when they come.
  24. Let me look over my schedule.
  25. Let me make a suggestion.
  26. Let me make my own decisions.
  27. Let me offer to help you.
  28. Let me offer you some advice. From my experience...
  29. Let me open the door for you.
  30. Let me pause and think about what we are doing.
  31. Let me premise my argument with a bit of history.
  32. Let me propose a toast to Mr. Smith.
  33. Let me save you the.
  34. Let me slip into something more comfortable.
  35. Let me taste the soup before you add more spices.
  36. Let me tell you a secret.
  37. Let me try and fix your car.
  38. Let me try retelling the story.
  39. Let me welcome you to the neighborhood.
  40. Love, living things, is you let me know!
  41. She opened the door and let me in.
  42. She used to let me dink her on my horse.
  43. Shunt your suitcases, let me go through.
  44. The so-called love, let me look, when I was afraid.
  45. Would you please stand back and let me through.
  46. You let me lose a lot.
  47. Your glass is nearly empty. Let me top you up.
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