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Phrases to Confirm or Decline a Reservation in Business English

Confirmation or denial of reservation in Business English

If you show organization and preparation from the start, you will have greater chances of completing your reservation.

It is always a good idea to have a response plan ready to use when you receive your booking request. Not only does this give a professional impression to the customers, but it will also save time for you and your potential clients who will undoubtedly appreciate it, by making you earn points.


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The suggestions below are designed to help you give a customer a good first impression, right at the time of responding to their first email contact.


Confirm reservation in Business English


Here are some typical phrases and expressions to use when a guest is booking a stay at your hotel. Review these expressions.

  • With reference to your inquiry of 5th April..
  • We are writing to confirm ...
  • Enclosed is a cheque of € 200 to cover the deposit.
  • to confirm availability of ...
  • A description how to reach the airport
  • What date are you looking for?
  • How long will you be staying?
  • How many adults will be in the room?
  • I'm afraid we are booked that weekend.
  • There are only a few vacancies left.
  • We advise that you book in advance during peak season.
  • Will two double beds be enough?
  • Do you want a smoking or non-smoking room?
  • The dining room is open from 4 pm until 10 pm.

Refusal and cancellation of reservation in Business English


It is normal in business transactions acceptance and rejection Here are some useful phrases in the rejection.

  • We regret to inform you that ...
  • To be fully booked
  • Unfortunately ...
  • I am afraid ...
  • May I suggest ... 
  • We suggest you contact one of the other hotels in the area.

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