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How to Use Gerund With Prepositions

Gerund With Prepositions

We wrote earlier about the definition of the verb form, and here the verb form (gerund) can be the target of a preposition after a verb, adjective or noun.

How to use gerund with prepositions


In general, gerund is a bit tricky, but how do we know if we need to use it after prepositions or if we need an infinitive instead?

1. As a general rule, the verb form "gerund" is always after the prepositions.

  • After having a shower, I waited for Steven.
  • The tablet must not be taken before getting up in the morning.
  • I manage it by working much longer than 40-hour weeks.
  • In spite of studying a lot he didn't pass the exams.
  • What was her reaction on hearing the news?
  • He told the joke without laughing.

2- The form of the verb "gerund" after the "adjectives" + prepositions.

  • They are afraid of losing the match.
  • Pat is angry about walking in the rain.
  • John is good at working in the garden.
  • He is clever at skateboarding.
  • The girl is crazy about playing tennis.
  • He is disappointed about seeing such a bad report.
  • We are excited about making our own film.
  • Sandy is famous for singing songs.
  • I'm fed up with being treated as a child.
  • Hannah is fond of going to parties.
  • She is glad about getting married again.
  • The children are not happy about seeing a doctor.
  • Are you interested in writing poems?
  • Joe is keen on drawing.
  • She is proud of riding a snowboard.
  • We're sick of sitting around like this.
  • He's sorry for eating in the lesson.
  • I'm tired of waiting for you.
  • She is used to smoking.
  • I'm worried about making mistakes.

3- Noun + Preposition + Gerund.

  • What is the advantage of exercising?
  • There’s a chance of raining today.
  • There’s a choice between traveling to Brazil or Mexico.
  • Donald is in danger of committing a serious felony.
  • He has difficulty in remembering names and faces.

4- Verbs + Preposition + Gerund.

  • He was accused of embezzling the organization’s funds.
  • I would like to apologize for treating you this way.
  • They complained about overpricing.
  • You need to concentrate on studying.
  • Luis and his family are not sure how to cope with having to downsize.

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