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Best Definition and Examples of Gerund

Gerund Definition


Gerund definition


A gerund is a form of a verb that ends -ing that is used as a noun. As you may know, a verb is a word that refers to actions or states of being, and a noun is a word that we use to refer to people, places, things, and ideas. A gerund is like a blend of verbs and nouns. It looks like a verb, but it acts like a noun.

However, because gerund acts as a noun, it occupies some positions in a sentence that would normally be a noun. The verb form is also used with prepositions.

The gerund is the verb form with ING added at the end and it consists of the gerund + ING, examples:

  • Going to parties is fun.
  • I enjoy reading.

Examples of Gerund 


1- The verb form "gerund" after the "verbs", examples:

  • He admitted having driven too fast.
  • They avoid going on holiday on Saturdays.
  • If we carry on sleeping so badly, we may need help.
  • Ralph is considering buying a new house.
  • I delayed telling Max the news.
  • She denies reading the book.
  • We dislike reading poems.
  • He couldn't help falling in love with her.
  • I enjoy playing chess.
  • They finished working in the garden.
  • Susan gives up playing ice-hockey.
  • He imagined driving a new car.
  • Your responsibility includes taking reservations on the phone.
  • The project will involve growing plants.
  • I cannot justify paying $100 for this ticket.
  • They keep on running.
  • Did Alex ever mention playing baseball?
  • I don't mind sleeping on the couch.
  • They miss playing with their friends.
  • She practiced playing hockey.
  • Do you regret having mentioned it?
  • You risk catching a cold.
  • She suggested flying to Cairo.

2- Forms of the verb "gerund" after some special words, examples:

  • He is busy reading the paper.
  • I don't mind telling them my opinion.
  • We feel like having a cup of tea.
  • How about walking home instead of taking the car?
  • It's no good talking to this girl.
  • It's no use talking to the headmaster.
  • They spend their time reading.
  • There's no cheating anymore.
  • There's no point in complaining further.
  • What about going to the zoo?
  • The book is worth reading.
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