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Difference Between Will and Will be

Difference between will and will be

Today I would like to write about the difference between two grammatical forms relating to the future "will" and "will be". It's one puzzling pair of words. Adding "be" changes the meaning of the word with the position of the sentence.


Difference between will and will be


So let's know the difference between will and will be with an easy and simple explanation. 


1. How to use will?

Will is used in the future, examples:

  • I will kill the rat
  • I will eat banana

5. How to use will be?

Will be can be used in the future continuous, examples:

  • I will be killing the rat
  • I will be eating banana

Will and will be phrases


1. Will in phrases

  • He that will thrive must rise at five.
  • Gain got by a lie will burn one’s fingers.
  • He that will swear, will lie.
  • Black will take no other hue.
  • Hawks will not pick hawk’s eyes out.
  • The person who arrives, ect early will (probably) succeed.
  • Between grief and nothing, I will take grief.
  • He who touches pitch will be difiled.
  • A kite will never be a good hawk.
  • You may delay, but time will not.
  • Where the water is shallow, no vessel will ride.
  • A drowning man will catch at a straw.
  • Truth will stand without a prop.
  • Knowledge will not be aquired without pain and application.
  • Mere words will not fill a bushel.
2. Will be in phrases
  • He who touches pitch will be difiled.
  • In time of prosperity, friends will be plenty.
  • Touch pitch, and you will be defiled.
  • This time it will be a long one.
  • Without practice, hopes will be reduced to zero.
  • Penny and penny, laid up, will be many.
  • I will be thy friend, but not thy vice’s friend.
  • Take time while time is, for time will be away.
  • As the inner life is, so will be the language.
  • If a man will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts, but if he will be content to begin with doubts, he shall end in certaintics.
  • My object will be, if possible, to form Christian men, for Christian boys Ican scarcely hope to make.
  • Eternal truths will be neither true nor eternal unless they have fresh meaning for every new social situation.
  • If money be not thy servant, it will be thy master.
  • In time of prosperity, friends will be plenty; In time of adversity, not one amongst twenty.
  • He that is ill to himself will be good to nobody.

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