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Use I GOTTA to Build English Sentences

Uses of "I gotta" in English

These sample sentences will help you improve your English, especially for those who are learning English as a second or foreign language. Also, it will be a great way to practice your spoken English as well.


Use "I Gotta" to build English sentences


The word "I gotta" is grammatically incorrect and is equivalent to the following correct meaning:

  • I have got to or I've got to or I gotta
  • I got to or I gotta

1. "Got to" is shortened to "gotta" and dropped "have". Examples:

  • After a while, I gotta like him.
  • I gave up once I gotta the hard part.
  • I gotta be careful about remembering to switch it off.
  • I gotta be grown up and ask people the way.
  • I gotta drive the latest model.
  • I gotta know him in the autumn of 1963.
  • I gotta know my fellow travelers quite well in the course of the three-day journey.
  • I gotta my destination without too much difficulty.
  • I gotta my feet, supporting myself on the side of the table.
  • I gotta sit down after that, and I find a wooden crate.
  • I gotta the airport early to be ready for the first flight out.
  • I gotta the bookstore the next morning at ten minutes of ten.
  • I gotta the platform just as the train was drawing into the station.
  • I gotta the stage where I wasn't coping any more.
  • I gotta the theater early to get a good seat.
  • I gotta the top and walked along a bit, and saw the suspension bridge flying away to my left.
  • I gotta work in record time.
  • I gotta impress my boss.
  • I gotta manage my money.
  • I gotta move to a bigger house.
  • I gotta obey the laws.
  • I stood in the line for two hours before I gotta the front.
  • I went down to the union and they told me I gotta be working before I could join the union.
  • In time, I gotta like her .
  • What have I gotta be glad about?
  • When I gotta my feet I wiped a mixture of snot and blood from my nose and looked around.
  • When I gotta my room, I opened the door and stood there with my eyes closed.
  • When I gotta the bottom of the hill and looked up, and I saw that beautiful campus, I cried.
  • When I gotta the top I was huffing and puffing.
  • When I gotta the top of the ladder, please pass up the tools.


2. To add the word "Have" you can change what you say to express something that needs to be done in the near future: 

  • And I have got to say, I have watched that video of her on the stage over and over again.
  •  I gotta be busy, I can't sit down and twiddle my thumbs. 
  • I gotta be on time to work. 
  • I gotta fork out a lot of money to the collector of Taxes this year. 
  • I gotta go out as soon as this job is done. 
  • I gotta leave early. You've got to do the dishes.
  • I gotta meet my partner every Friday.
  •  I gotta the stage where I totally dislike them, so it is off to the opticians next week.
  • I've gotta clean my house today.
  • I've gotta learn more about the laws.
  • I've gotta tell my wife I'll be late.
  • I've gotta try harder at school.
  • Jim broke away from his friends, saying "I have got to hit the books."
  • The decision has been made and I gotta stand by it.

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