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Use I'M GONNA + VERB to Build Sentences

Uses of "I'm Gonna + Verb" in English

The word "Gonna" is not a correct rule, and is often pronounced, not written, and not formal, and it has a Going to rule. And they are both one and mean that you are someone who is planning to do something at that moment or in the near future. 

Look at the examples: 

  1. And henceforth I'm gonna start calling these tools, these monickers that I can use as building blocks in my own program, it's gonna be called a function as we'll see.
  2. What I do best: I'm gonna kill 'em.
  3. I think I'm gonna hit the sack too. Sweet dreams, everyone.
  4. Gotcha, Katie! Now I'm gonna tickle you!
  5. I think I'm gonna heave.
  6. I'm gonna ask her out for dinner.
  7. I'm gonna call the cops!
  8. I'm gonna cook me up some chitterlings and hog maw.
  9. I'm gonna drive my car.
  10. I'm gonna eat some cake.
  11. I'm gonna enjoy killin'these slack - jawed daffodils!
  12. I'm gonna fix her if she doesn't stop telling lies about me!
  13. I'm gonna go cross the road to grasp some ice tea, you want some?
  14. I'm gonna go to work.
  15. I'm gonna go whole hog and have a live band at the barbecue.
  16. I'm gonna have some coffee.
  17. I'm gonna help my friends.
  18. I'm gonna miss you.
  19. I'm gonna miss you.
  20. I'm gonna need some really, really low - level al qaeda contacts, all right?
  21. I'm gonna read a book.
  22. I'm gonna ride my horse.
  23. I'm gonna run a marathon.
  24. I'm gonna send out my resume.
  25. I'm gonna stand up, sit down, clap my hands and shout Hallelujah.
  26. I'm gonna stand up, sit down, clap my hands, and stamp my feet and shout Hallelujah.
  27. I'm gonna stop smoking.
  28. I'm gonna take swim lessons.
  29. I'm gonna tell you a better story about captivity than the spiel.
  30. I'm gonna tell you, holy roller, You're the Queen of Hearts...
  31. I'm gonna write you a long, gooey letter.
  32. I'm not really in a family mood. I think I'm gonna pass on tonight's little soiree.
  33. I'm sweet and I'm cuddly -- I'm gonna kill that green dog!
  34. In the meantime, I'm gonna take a moment of silence on Saturday to honor Tombaugh and his persistent blinking.
  35. Joe Oramas: Alright, you keep talking! I'm gonna go cook without the garlic press!
  36. Listen to me, you little punk - you do that again and I'm gonna break your neck.
  37. Look, I'm know I'm gonna be rusty, but I have to try.
  38. I'm gonna be ok, sweety.
  39. Sit tight. I'm gonna floor it!
  40. So sit yer ass and listen or I'm gonna have to beat ya!
  41. Today I'm gonna teach you how to upholster a sofa.
  42. Yeah, if they have a race riot round here, I'm gonna kill all the white folks with my poison.
  43. Yes, I'm gonna send her to the best schools in Charleston.

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