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The Use of YOU SEEM to Build Sentences

The use of "you seem" to build sentences

The use of "you seem" is referring to the person you are talking to and expressing that he or she makes the impression or appears to be.

Here are the examples to know the use of "you seem" to build sentences:

  1. All of you seem to have gone through hell making this record.
  2. I really envy you and Ian, you seem so happy together.
  3. Is something wrong? You seem a bit on edge this morning.
  4. You must be very well connected; you seem to know all the right people.
  5. You seem bored.
  6. You seem confused about the rules of the game.
  7. You seem decisive about your choice.
  8. You seem deeply in love.
  9. You seem different today.
  10. You seem eager to begin.
  11. You seem easy to get along with.
  12. You seem elated to hear the good news.
  13. You seem embarrassed about what happened.
  14. You seem especially happy today.
  15. You seem even more beautiful than usual today.
  16. You seem full of beans this morning, you must have a good night's rest.
  17. You seem in a very good humour today.
  18. You seem in fine fettle.
  19. You seem mighty chipper this morning - what's up?
  20. You seem mighty sure of your facts.
  21. You seem quite nervy this morning.
  22. You seem really happy today.
  23. You seem remarkably calm.
  24. You seem tired this morningy.
  25. You seem to be harbouring some resentment against your boss.
  26. You seem to be having a spot of bother with your car can I help?
  27. You seem to be holding something back.
  28. You seem to be labouring under considerable misapprehensions.
  29. You seem to be on very familiar terms with your tutor.
  30. You seem to be under a misapprehension.
  31. You seem to be very thick with the boss!
  32. You seem to be well off for clothes.
  33. You seem to forget that it was your idea in the first place.
  34. You seem to have a feeling for drawing.
  35. You seem to have a high opinion of yourself!
  36. You seem to have cropped up badly on page 11, your acts are wrong.
  37. You seem to have got yourself into a spot of bother.
  38. You seem to have jumped several steps in the argument.
  39. You seem to have packed a lot into your life!
  40. You seem to have put too much salt in this dish.
  41. You seem to have set a new trend.
  42. You seem unhappy with the results.
  43. You seem upset - not bad news , I hope?
  44. You seem upset,are you going to peck with us?
  45. You seem very chirpy today!
  46. You seem very much alive today.
  47. You seem very silent today; what's the matter?
  48. You seem very sure of yourself, young man!
  49. You seem very tensed up. Are you still waiting for that phone call?
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