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The Difference Between Some and Any

The difference between some and any

The difference between "some" and "any" is rather similar. We use "some and any" for an unknown quantity, both of which can be used with countable and uncountable nouns. And I suspect they work the same way as "Much and Many".


Difference between "some" and "any"


Here are the different with easy explanations:

1. Use of "some"

Use "some" in affirmative statements, offers, requests, and questions when you expect a "yes" answer. Examples:  

  • She has some money.
  • I'll need some help.

2. Use of "any"

"Any" is used for negative statements and questions. Examples:

  • He wasn't any good at basketball.
  • Why look any further?
  • Have you got any crisps?

Using "any & some": Example


Imagine that you entered a supermarket and saw a man who had some apples, and you would ask?

  • Can I have some of these apples

If you don't see apples, or if you think there are no apples at all, either way you'll use "any", examples:

  • Have you got any apples?

Use "Some and Any" instead of "One and Ones"

We use "some and any" substitutes for the "ones and ones" that come with countable nouns.

You can also use "some and any" in a sentence without a noun if the meaning of the sentence is clear. Examples:

  • I asked for Pepsi, but they did not have any.(Pepsi)
  • Fathi took lots of photos of the mountains but Aya didn't take any. (photos)
  •  If you need some more money, I can lend you some. (money)
  •  I didn't eat any salad but Adam ate some. (salad)


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