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The Difference Between Sky and Heaven

The difference between sky and heaven

Do not think that the difference between "sky and heaven" is clear and easy, it may depend on the language you speak, for example in French, the sky and heaven word can refer to both. It may be similar to English.


Difference between 'sky' or 'heaven'


When do we use sky and heaven? The answer is easy, in this lesson


1. Use of "sky"

"Sky" uses the distance above the earth to see clouds, examples:

  • A blue sky.
  • Hundreds of stars shining in the sky.

2. Use of "heaven"

"Heaven" for good people go to it after death. A place regarded in various religions as the abode of God and the angels.  Examples:

  • I just thought it was a lovely way to describe death and heaven.
  • The everlasting happiness with God that we call heaven.

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