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The Difference Between It's and Its

The difference between it's and its

When you're in a hurry, you might write "it's" and you really mean "its", or vice versa. You should be aware of this error and know when to use them.


How do you differentiate between "It's" and "Its"


The rule is actually pretty simple. Here's the difference between them in an easy way:

1. How to use "It's"?

It's an acronym for it is and it has, it's a property we use to say that something belongs to or refers to something, examples:

  • It's a boy = it is a boy
  • It's been raining for five hours now = it has been raining for five hours now


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2. How to use "Its"?

Its has no abbreviation, and is the possessive form of it, examples: answer is in this article.

  • Egypt is famous for its pyramids.
  • A baby in its mother's womb.


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