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How to Read Money in English

How to Read Money in English

In this globalized world, we all do business across different countries. Sometimes we need to pay sellers or suppliers in different currencies.


Read money in English


To read an amount of money in English, read the entire number, and then add the currency name at the end. 

If the number contains a decimal point, skip the decimal point and read the digits that follow as a single digit. 

If the fraction of the coin has a name, add that name at the end. Note that regular decimal numbers are not read this way as these rules only apply to currencies. 


  • Said: twenty-five dollars
  • Written: 25$
  • Said: fifty-two euros
  • Written: 52€
  • Said: one hundred and forty pounds
  • Written: 140₤
  • Said: forty-three dollars and twenty-five cents
  • Written: $43.25
  • Said: twelve euros sixty-six
  • Written: €12.66
  • Said: ten pounds fifty
  • Written: ₤10.50

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