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Difference vs. Different in English

Difference and Different

Many learners of English confuse the difference between the different and the difference. They often use the other instead of the other, and the other instead of the other. In this lesson, I'll show you the differences.


Difference vs. Different


I will make the lesson of  Difference vs. Different easier for you through explanation and examples.

1. How to use "different"?

Not the same as another or each other; unlike in nature, form, or quality. The word "different" is used as an adjective.


  • We are both different in terms of our mentality.
  • Basketballs and volleyballs different in sizes. Basketballs are bigger than volleyballs.
  • Although our names are redundant, we are two different persons.
  • They want something new and different.
  • Are men and women's brains really that different?
  • This year there's something different about Christmas!
  • We did something different this year for Christmas!
  • Do something different this Christmas!
  • What else will be different?
  • So will it be Different from captaincy?
  • And will it be different from captaincy?
  • It's okay to change and be different.
  • That's why they are different prices!'.
  • Oil is different from water.
  • Are male and female brains really different?
  • I wanted to be different.
  • Robby always wanted to be Different.
  • They're now much different.
  • He wants something new and different.

2. How to use "difference"?

A point or way in which people or things are not the same. The word "difference" is used as a noun.


  • The only difference between us is our mentality.
  • The difference between a basketball and a volleyball is their sizes. Basketballs are bigger than volleyballs.
  • There is great difference between word and deed.
  • One false step will make a great difference.
  • What's the difference between A and B?
  • The age difference was a complication to the rela-tionship.
  • The difference between the two is readily discernible.
  • The difference between the two estimates is marginal.
  • The difference is, you are Anglo-Saxons, we are Latins.
  • There's no difference in the results.
  • I can make a difference in this world.
  • There is a tremendous difference between them.
  • They were able to concert their difference.
  • Can you tell the difference between apes and monkeys?
  • The main difference between the groups was age.
  • There is a striking difference between Jane and Mary.
  • It makes a tremendous difference to me.
  • A little extra care makes a big difference.

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