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Difference Between Journey and Trip With a Simple Explanation

Difference between Journey and Trip

They have a slight difference, but if you want to master English you must know the difference between "journey" and "trip". 


Difference between "journey" and "trip"


1. Uses of "trip"

There are some uses of trip, "a day trip" usually refers to a tourist activity that takes up your entire day. "A business trip" is usually indicated when you are traveling for business reasons. "A round trip" usually refers to travel to a place and back to the place of origin, also equal to a return trip.

Trip usually refers to traveling to a place and back to where it started, examples:

  • The trip from Dubai to Abu Dhabi takes about an hour by train.
  • We're going on a trip to Sharm El Sheikh this summer.

2. Uses of "journey"

A journey refers to traveling from one place to another (not necessarily back to where it started). Sometimes it refers to the length of time it takes to move from one place to another, examples: 

  • They went on a journey through South America that lasted 6 months.
  • It is a three-day journey by train.
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