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Do You Know 'S an Abbreviation for IS or HAS

's = is or has

In the English language "is" and "has" are abbreviated to 's, the problem is how do we know is "'s" an abbreviation "is" or "has"?


Is "'s" an abbreviation "is" or "has"?

Here is the difference between them and how to use them with examples:


1. Using " 's " with "is"

Often if "is" is abbreviated, it is in the present continuous tense, examples:

  • He's listening to music. → He is listening to music.
  • He's going to school. → He is going to school.

2. Using 's with "has"

Often if "has" is abbreviated it is in the present perfect tense, examples:

  • He's listened to music. → He has listened to music.
  • He's gone to school → He has gone to school.



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