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Use of HOW WAS to Build Sentences

Uses of "How was"

The use of "how was" is to ask someone a question about something that happened or something they did in the past.

Here are the examples of the use of "how was":

  1. And, how was it, no, if they knocked it off.
  2. But how was the demand to call forth the supply?
  3. But how was this pluralism to be embodied in the electoral process?
  4. He was impressed by what he'd heard so far, but how was all this going to come about?
  5. How was he going to extricate himself from this situation?
  6. How was he going to turn the conversation round to the subject of poison?
  7. How was he to interpret these events?
  8. How was he to know that she was up to some sort of mischief?
  9. How was I lured to the law?
  10. How was I spending my time on peer relationships?
  11. How was I supposed to know she'd react like that? I'm not psychic!
  12. How was I supposed to know you were waiting for me?
  13. How was I to know that the file was confidential?
  14. How was it possible for Kant to produce such very different reactions?
  15. How was it that she went sailing, like a human version of their brass vase, out the bedroom window?
  16. How was it then that all these ordinary people seemed to manage it with effortless ease?
  17. How was it, she wondered, that he was so loving in the daytime and a different man in bed?
  18. How was it, then, that Masailand acquired its reputation for corrupting those sent to rule over it?
  19. How was lunch?
  20. How was she supposed to concentrate with that sprawling figure almost in her line of vision?
  21. How was that possible, a kite suspended in the air, without an anchor?
  22. How was the airplane ride?
  23. How was the ballet?
  24. How was the birthday party?
  25. How was the film?
  26. How was the investment?
  27. How was the letter worded ?
  28. How was the meeting?
  29. How was the movie?
  30. How was the play received?
  31. How was the proposal?
  32. How was the test?
  33. How was the vacation?
  34. How was work today?
  35. How was your day?
  36. How was your doctor's appointment?
  37. How was your flight?
  38. How was your meeting?
  39. How was your trip?
  40. How were holidays with the family?
  41. How were people acting after what happened?
  42. How were roads when you drove home?
  43. How were your parents?
  44. I just wanted to give her a surprise, how was I to know you'd already bought tickets?
  45. If the partners to the Alliance disagreed on matters of policy how was it possible to present a single manifesto?
  46. I've just got back from a trip to Rome.' 'So, how was it?'
  47. John How was a solid good preacher but not a magnet to multitudes.
  48. So tell me, how was it in Argentina?
  49. So, how was school today?

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