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Learn to Use I AM SO to Build a Sentence

Learn to Use "I am so" to Build a Sentence

The word "I am" is abbreviated "I'm" when you add "so" you are simply referring to doing or feeling something very or a lot, which is less than using "very". 

Here are some examples of "I am so" in sentences. If you are an English learner or student, these sentences will help you to practice in a very easy way. Most importantly, you should practice or read the sentences several times a day. 

Here are examples of uses:

  1. I'm so alone.
  2. I'm so afraid of spiders.
  3. I'm so angry.
  4. I'm so annoyed.
  5. I'm so ashamed.
  6. I'm so bad.
  7. I'm so blessed.
  8. I'm so bored, what can I do?
  9. I'm so bored.
  10. I'm so boring.
  11. I'm so clever.
  12. I'm so cold.
  13. I'm so confused about math.
  14. I'm so confused.
  15. I'm so crazy.
  16. I'm so cute.
  17. I'm so delighted.
  18. I'm so depressed.
  19. I'm so disappointed.
  20. I'm so eager to see you again.
  21. I'm so embarrassed.
  22. I'm so emotional all the time.
  23. I'm so envious.
  24. I'm so envy of you.
  25. I'm so excited.
  26. I'm so exciting.
  27. I'm so fat.

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